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Welcome to our new website

I hope you enjoy the new website. Let me first apologize for how long our old website was down before we could publish the new one. It was somewhat of a surprise to us when the old one went down and realized that it was time to start from square one. I also had no idea how involved it is to have a website developed. The folks at Oyova developed our new web site and I cannot say enough good things about them. The communication from our project manager, Beth, was superb. The cost was very competitive. And the time that they spent developing the sight was fast. To be honest, almost all the time it took they were waiting on us, I never had to wait on them. So, if you happen to be thinking about a new web site or other digital needs give Oyova a call. I cannot recommend them enough. And just for the record, they didn’t put me up to this. This is a genuine recommendation.

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