The Johnson family opened the Gun Gallery in April of 1993.

Since then, we have continued to grow and refine our space in the firearms and shooting range industry. Over the years, the products we sell and the industry as a whole have changed, but since opening our doors to you, what has never changed is our focus on customer service and having people feel comfortable in our store.

Tom teaching class

We do this in part by offering a low-pressure retail environment. We want you to feel at ease browsing the store at your own pace. If you’re just looking, when our staff asks if they can help, let them know you’re just browsing. If another staff member asks if you need help, rest assured we are not trying to bother you. We just want to make sure customers are not waiting to be helped. We don’t buy in great volume. Sometimes this means we miss out on volume pricing others get, but it also means we are under no pressure to move specific inventory to meet anyone’s quota. All of our employees are shooters, and each of us may have preferences we would be glad to share with you, but none of us want to push any particular type or brand of product on anyone. We would much rather provide you with a variety of similar options, share what we know about each, and let you decide which best fits your needs. Many of our most popular models are available on our range as rental guns you can try as well.

We strive to only carry quality brands that do not fail with unreasonable frequency. Some brands are better than others, some are good enough to get the job done, and some brands fail more than we feel is reasonable. Gun Gallery tries to carry brands that have a history of being consistent and reliable. From the ammo we carry to the guns that shoot it, to the holsters or slings that carry them, we want you to be sure that if you do your part, what you buy here will do its part. Even the best products can fail, and if that should happen to you, Gun Gallery will do its part. We offer lifetime warranties on what we sell and if it should break due to a manufacturer defect, we will have it repaired or replaced by the manufacturer.

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